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Month: March 2019

Female pilots: Which airline has the highest number?

By Lora Jones, BBC News 7 November 2018 (excerpt of original article) Airlines have been stepping up their efforts to ...


Could women solve the global pilot shortage?

By Jonathan Josephs, Business reporter, BBC News 24 January 2019 (excerpt of original article) “The perception was women didn’t fly ...


Choosing a Flight School

Learning to fly can be one of life’s most rewarding adventures. The freedom of moving in three dimensions is not ...


Putting off your flight training or instrument rating?

APPLY NOW Putting off your flight training or instrument rating?Still paying for one lesson at a time?Craving a seaplane rating? AOPA’s Flexible Aviation Loan can ...


How’s your “Aviation English”?

English is the de facto language of aviation. All Non-Native English-speaking students will begin instruction at Chico Flight Training with ...


English to Become Compulsory for Pilots

Pilots and air traffic controllers must now be able to speak English, new safety guidelines have stated. Please follow, share ...


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